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With human-centred design at its heart, Rumi creates engaging online rooms that guide meaningful discussion and collaboration amongst experts to reveal high-quality insights and outcomes.

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The best minds deserve the best venues

When experts converge upon engaging and welcoming venues, insights of the highest quality can be unlocked. Rumi’s human-centric design creates online rooms that provide the ideal environment for inspiring meaningful discussions, ideas exchange and collaboration amongst peers.


High quality insights require time

To uncover the deeper insights that move the dial, time is essential.
Rumi provides experts with the time they need to read, research, ruminate and respond at their own pace, at the times that suit, from wherever they are, on their preferred device.

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New Self-Service Option


Effortlessly scale hybrid and virtual activities with a Rumi SaaS annual license

Rumi has been designed to empower customers with the option to take charge of their own online engagement activities.
The previous generational model of high cost-low volume has been superseded by a true SaaS experience.

Rumi provides flexibility to deploy unlimited applications, at scale, quickly. Of course Rumi’s personal and impeccable service is just a click away to ensure the best experience for your patients and experts.

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Here’s what our clients are saying


"Rumi gave us an abundance of new insights and made sure we got opinions from all advisors (especially those who were more quiet during the live meeting). Overall a very positive experience and we will surely use RUMI again for future meetings."

Stand-alone advisory board activity

Medical Manager - AstraZeneca


"The pre-live advisory board meeting on Rumi was a success, and everyone liked the concept of streamlining the conversation around the prep work."

Pre-advisory board “finding out phase” activity

Senior Medical Manager - AstraZeneca


"The insights generated from this hugely successful patient panel will inform the scoping and design of future patient support initiatives. We feel we are one step closer to the patient voice after this Rumi event and it's helped consolidate our relationship with the Patient Advisory Group as well."

Rare Disease Patient advisory board activity

Patient Engagement Lead - Sobi


"With Rumi we were able to treat our training activity like an asynchronous classroom. The ability to foster discussions and flesh out answers in a group setting was particularly effective for an online learning experience."

Team training activity

Training Lead at Bayer


"The Rumi Platform was a great alternative to getting everyone 'into a room'. We were able to provide our own comments on the topics at our own pace but had the ability to join in conversations and ask questions with other panelists. It felt very conversational, and there was two-way dialogue. I was also able to fit it into my day into bite-sized sessions, making it easier to manage and participate."

Rare Disease Patient advisory board activity

Patient Advocate Group Lead (moderator)


"Rumi allows us to meaningfully and valuably collaborate with all partners involved, including our clients, healthcare professionals, patients and their carers, and advocates to ensure their voices are heard and included in the solutions we co-develop with and for them. We’re able to put forward tangible and valuable recommendations we know will be adopted by the health communities we serve, because they were involved in shaping them."

Patient Advisory Board Activity

Director, Atlantis Healthcare


"Using Rumi allowed me to work with over 20 people in different companies, across time zones, to discuss, agree & co-create a complex industry consensus document."


Consensus document collaboration activity

Global Medical Affairs Leader